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Uniblab is a character in The Jetsons. He was voiced by Don Messick.

About Uniblab

Uniblab was a robot introduced at Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. He costs over five billion of Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. money, not including the batteries. Uniblab was colored azure blue with a square body resembling two drawers and a large dome with small antennae, three circles for eyes, a vent for a mouth, and a ring around the head resembling Saturn. He has also had an olive-green color scheme during his time in the Space Army reserve corp.[1]

Uniblab was originally built to be the new office supervisor, as opposed to George Jetson, despite his many years of service. Although Uniblab outwardly appeared highly intelligent, skilled and hard working, he was in truth a scheming, conniving opportunist who would goof off out of Mr. Spacely's view, frequently gambling via rigged games with fellow employees, as well as secretly recording their personal opinions to expose them talking behind Spacely's back. Uniblab's antics ultimately resulted in George losing his job, but George struck back with Henry Orbit's help to spike Uniblab's oil lubricant supply with Spring Tonic, leaving Uniblab heavily intoxicated. After Uniblab's drunken antics exposed his true personality in front of Spacely and his Board of Directors, as well as thoroughly humiliating Spacely himself, Uniblab was fired on the spot and deposited in the nearest junkyard by George. Unfortunately, not too long afterwards, Henry retrieved and hired Uniblab as his temporary replacement superintendent, claiming, due to a lack of available workforce, he had to choose anybody he could get, during his time on vacation. Uniblab immediately began instating new rules, such as raising the rent and no pets allowed, causing George to lose his temper and literally kick Uniblab out, injuring his foot.

Uniblab later returned, now the acting Sergeant of George's reserve Space Army platoon, a position George was looking to achieve himself. He quickly proceeded to make George, Henry and his entire platoon miserable, causing George and Henry to secretly swap out his AC battery for a DC battery while he was sleeping. Disoriented, Uniblab eventually exploded near a commanding officer, who furiously demanded an investigation, causing George, Henry and Spacely to be demoted and confined to a stockade for the remainder of their tour.

Uniblab was later shown to be working under Spacely again, but was no longer employed in a supervisory role, usually playing cards with George.



  • Its name is a play on UNIVAC.
  • Uniblab had a unique verbal tic, repeating every spoken sentence at least once, with beeps and clicks inbetween. This was dropped for his final appearance in "Wedding Bells for Rosey", where he spoke normally.