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To Tell the Truth is the thirty-seventh episode of Season Two of The Jetsons, and the 61st overall episode in the series.


At breakfast, George is preoccupied with what he claims is unimportant, and they have run out of cream, so Jane goes next door to borrow some.

Elroy picks up the milk pitcher and shakes it, observing that they have run out of milk as well. Judy tells him to be careful, but he plays with it and it breaks. George considers telling Jane that Elroy broke it or that it broke from a sonic boom caused by a rogue spaceship, but he tells Elroy to tell the truth instead. Elroy is nervous, but George maintains that telling the truth emphasizes the fact that their bond is strong.

When Elroy fesses up, however, she seems more concerned about the pitcher than him, and when Rosey shows her how badly broken it is, she gives her a dome to cry in, which also breaks afterwards.

George takes the pitcher to be repaired, praising Elroy's honesty, but the repairman thinks that honesty is bad. An old woman arrives, and the repairman pretends to be seriously injured. He lies that he was injured trying to save a young boy from an incinerator and then donating a lot of blood. When the woman leaves, the repairman cites this to George as an example of the benefits of lying, claiming that she would have been mad if he had told the truth.

At work, George presents Mr. Spacely with an idea: have the most safety-conscious worker be rewarded with a certificate provided by an actress named Bubbles Blastoff. Jane video-calls George and asks him out, but when she sees Bubbles, she is irked by her not remembering her (Jane's) name. She perks up, however, when George promises the night out.

Spacely thinks George was stupid telling Jane that Bubbles was there, but George disagrees because he thinks it would be dishonest not informing her. He then shows Bubbles around while the workers are very clumsy.

George drives Bubbles to the repairman, who he tells to make a reservation at the diner, then they leave and George drops Bubbles off at her spaceship. However, he is late and ends up stuck on the spaceship. To make matters worse, a meteor shower occurs and George cannot call Jane due to being bonked around. A hole is created in the side of the spaceship, but George ends up upside-down with his heinie plugging the hole. Meanwhile, Jane falls asleep.

They land on a moon, where no spaceships are leaving for twelve hours. Luckily, a circus ringmaster offers George a secret lift. When he arrives home, the repairman believes he's lying and spent the night with Bubbles and so tells George to come up with a simpler lie.

George arrives home and tries pretending that it's already time for the date, but Jane is too sleepy, so he puts her to bed. The alarm clock rings and Jane gets up, but the repairman arrives and comments that George looks fine considering his hectic night. George tells Jane the whole truth, then the circus performers arrive with George's wallet he lost, proving George's honesty. The repairman tells Jane that George donated blood, got woozy, and spent the night at his place, and Jane pretends to believe it so that he would leave.

George tells the truth again, and she reveals that the circus performers showed up. The kids then ask to go to the circus and George permits it.


  • The title is a play on the game show To Tell the Truth.