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Titus T. Tweeter is a character in The Jetsons. He was voiced by Howard Morris.

About Titus

Titus is a space car senior specialist instructor working for three weeks at Aero-Space Driving School. He is an expert due to retirement with a gold stripe. Titus takes a courage pill before having his first driving lesson with Jane Jetson. Titus gave up alligator wrestling because it was too risky. He asks Jane to stop at the Bank to look at his safe-deposit box and check his insurance policy, hoping its paid up. Knuckles Nuclear threatens him and steals the clothes he is wearing.

Later, trembling and shirtless, he speaks to a reporter on television as an eyewitness about the bank robbery and says that Knuckles Nuclear attacked him and stole the car with Jane inside.[1]

Titus is later the test instructor for Judy Jetson; he gives her the driving license.[2]