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The Jetsons (Gold Key) 2 is the second issue of this series of comic books from Gold Key Comics. The issue date is April 1963 and the cover price is twelve cents.



Starring: Astro
Summary: Astro and a passing cat fight in a space-age manner.

The Jetsons

Starring: The Jetsons
Summary: When their envious neighbors, the Joneses, try to outdo them in everything, the Jetsons struggle to keep up with them. Both families learn a lesson about one-upmanship, or do they?

Bow-Wow with a Bone to Pick

Starring: Elroy and Astro
Summary: His friends and neighbors put down Astro for his inferior breeding and lack of training, so Elroy goes to the bank to get money to send the dog to school. When a robber takes all the money, Astro proves his worth.

Postponed Picnic

(Story feature)
Starring: Mr. and Mrs. J. Evil Scientist
Summary: J.Evil takes his family on a midnight picnic, but Goonda's fat Aunt Blubberinda shows up, swaps insults with J.Evil, and eats all their food.

Test in the West

Starring: Lippy Lion and Hardy Har Har
Summary: Lippy and Hardy visit the Wild West and have to duck stray bullets from bandit Black Bert. When Lippy mouths off, he is made the new sheriff, and must deal with the outlaw.

A Woman's Work Is Clever Done

Starring: The Jetsons
Summary: When Jane and her neighbor become go-off widows, they scheme to get their husbands to help with the housework by inventing a new sport.

Mother, Pin a Rose on Me

Starring: Judy Jetson
Guest starring: George Jetson, Jane Jetson
Summary: Judy wants her boyfriend to buy her flowers. George tells her to buy one and see if he takes the hint. She buys an unusual one from Mars, but it turns out it's not a flower.

The Jetsons

Starring: George Jetson
Summary: George uses the Electronicook, but is unimpressed with its service.