The Jetsons (DC Comics) 6

The Jetsons (DC Comics) 6 is the sixth and final issue of The Jetsons series of comic books from DC Comics. The issue date is March 2018.


A Higher Place in the Stars

Summary: The citizens of Earth watch as the meteor hurtles toward them, but it suddenly comes to a stop just a few miles from the atmosphere. Jane and Zelda fly up to investigate.

George and his mother, still floating in light, perceive an alien called O. When George thinks he knows him, O explains that the connection he made that lets him read minds also gave him a memory of O. O tells a tale of how his race discovered long ago that most intelligent civilizations eventually cause their own extinction. They found one such destroyed world, and prepared a terraforming experiment to send to it. However, it was knocked off course and crashed to Earth as the first meteor. Some recent event set it off, sending a signal to O.

He came in his meteor-shaped ship, and teleported George and his mother off their ship just before it exploded. He offers to return her to her robot body, or to her next stage if she prefers. When they ask what the next stage is, O realizes he has said too much, and quickly puts her back in Rosie's body.

Jane and Zelda's ship arrives, and O explains to them too. He says he can't stop the terraforming process, but Rosie asks if he might be able to fix it.

He stays for a while to guide the process in a direction that will benefit the surviving humans. When they all return to Earth, George is a hero.

New Challengers Part One

(Special sneak preview)


  • Issued in April, after issue 5, the issue date is undoubtedly misprinted and should have read June.
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