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The Jetsons (DC Comics) 5 is the fifth issue of The Jetsons series of comic books from DC Comics. The issue date is May 2018.


Take One for the Planet

Summary: Jane decides Rosie should take the kids on Mr. Spaceley's ship, while she and George stay behind to work on a solution. George discovers he can read Astro's mind too. Astro wants pancakes.

The whole family celebrates George's birthday with pancakes. Judy presents a film she put together of family memories. Elroy gives him the painting he found on his "trip."

Lydia invents a ruse to call George in to work. She's been building an atomic bomb in her spare time, and knows about Spacely's ship. She wants to use the ship to deliver the bomb to the meteor. Meanwhile, Jane brings the kids to work with her. They discover the creatures eating the undersea ruins are actually terraforming the planet. Lydia explains two people will be needed for the suicide mission, him and her. He tricks her off the ship and brings Rosie instead. He explains the situation to his family. They watch as the ship explodes, but it doesn't affect the meteor.

George and his mother find themselves floating amid a blinding light.

Green Lantern: Earth One

(Special sneak preview)
Summary: Volkov and Hal Jordan make a find on a crashed spaceship. As Jordan reports back, Volkov takes a green ring and lantern from a bag. When he puts on the ring, an energy beam tears through their ship. Jordan grabs Volkov's hand to keep him from being blown out the hole. He still slips through, leaving Jordan holding the ring.

Dark Nights: Metal

A DC All Access interview with Scott Snyder