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The Flying Suit is the seventh episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


Cogswell decides to put Spacely out of business by inventing the flying suit and has his devoted worker Harlan be the test pilot for the flying suit, which works well. Meanwhile, Elroy experiments with his pills which he thinks has the power to make people fly. Problems arise when the switching of suits happens.

Harlan takes his flying suit to be dry cleaned, while Jane calls George to pick up his suit which he drives down to the dry cleaners. George picks up his suit, which accidentally pick's up Harlan's similar looking suit, and Harlan does the same thing. While Mr. Cogswell has the critics watch the test run of Harlan in the flying suit, Harlan can't fly, disappointing the critics. Meanwhile, Elroy has George swallow his experiment pill so he can fly, which he does, but it's the wrong suit George is wearing. Spacely is told of this and gets very excited.

When George gets his correct suit back, the pills of Elroy turn out to be a dud, when Mr. Spacely tries out the pills himself and doesn't fly; thus ending the deal between Spacely and Cogswell. Upset, Mr. Cogswell has Harlan throw the flying suit out the window, which a homeless man puts on and flies in the sky, which George sees while driving.