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Team Spirit is the thirty-first episode of Season Two of The Jetsons, and the 55th overall episode of the series.


George Jetson is unhappy because he had to wake up a half hour early to pick up Mr. Spacely. During the drive, Spacely can't get W.C. Cogswell off his mind, knowing he was up to something big. He begins argue  with Cogswell about who's robots are better, and Cogswell challenges him to a game of Spaceball. Spacely's robots, The Sprockets, versus Cogswell's bots, The Cogs. The classic rivalry of Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell's Cogs is renewed. Spacely's pitcher, Screwball Whammo, is on vacation in Venus. George Jetson, a former star pitcher from Orbit High School, will have to fill in.

Meanwhile, Jane Jetson is given the daunting task of making cookies for the historical society, and she has to make them the old fashion way, like Great Great Great Grandma used to make. So instead of pressing a button to make the cookies instantly, she has to push buttons for the ingredients. Suddenly, a can of Super Nova Energized Power Particles drops from the back of a delivery truck and lands right in the Jetsons' kitchen. Elroy adds the Super Nova Energized Power Particles to the cookies. Once the cookies are baked, Elroy tosses one for Astro and it bounces off the walls and destroys the whole house. Jane sees the damage and blames it on old fashioned cooking.

George gets abused by robot helpers and Cogswell hires a mad scientist to make him a remote controll ball. Spacely Sprockets are first at bat, and George hits it out of the park. In the bottom of the fifth, the Sprockets are in the lead, 12-0. George and his fancy trick pitches are getting strike-outs. Bottom of the ninth, The Cogs are trailing the Sprocketts at 20-0. Cogswell activates his trick bat and ball, his robots hit home runs, and they're catching up. George is tired from pitching, but he eats more energy cookies and is once again throwing strike outs. The Sprockets win the game 20-19. When Spacely learns of the energy cookies, he wants the recipe, but it's gone, and so are all the cookies, all eaten by Astro who then flies away.



  • Orbitty doesn't appear in this episode.