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Montague Jetson plays every position at once against his great-grandson.

Spaceball is a sport that appears to be identical to baseball. The positions instead of being left field, center field, and right field are: left sky, center sky, and right sky. In places such as Orbit City it is casually played in mid-air with the use of anti-gravity belts.


  • In the episode "Uniblab" Uniblab mentions the scores of spaceball games. The teams he mentions are Yankees, L.A., & Detroit.
  • In the episode "A Visit from Grandpa" Elroy and his great-grandfather play spaceball.
  • In the episode "Team Spirit" Cogswell's Cogs robot spaceball
    Spaceball stadium.png
    and George Jetson as pitcher, play against W.C. Cogswell's robots at the professional stadium in town.
  • In "Elroy Meets Orbitty", George Jetson was bored by the TV show that his wife was watching on the holographic television and wanted to watch a spaceball game instead. He changed the channel to the game, and when he tried to change it back, the TV malfunctioned and replaced a character on Jane's show with the athlete from the spaceball game.