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Rosie Come Home is the second episode of Season Two of The Jetsons, and the 26th overall episode of the series.


One day, while Elroy and Orbitty are playing in his room, Rosey, who is cleaning Elroy's room, bumps into Astro. Then, she crashes into Elroy's toy tower. When George arrives at their home, he sits down, lies on the pillow, and starts reading the newspaper. Rosey comes in with a vacuum cleaner. George tells her that he wants to put on his slippers. She takes his slippers out of a compartment on her chest, but they are broken. Just then, Mac arrives, giving Rosey a bunch of flowers, but she gets angry, says, "Get lost!", and closes the door, breaking the flowers. Elroy and Astro tell Rosey that this is unusual behavior from her as she usually thinks Orbit Robots is "spacey". Meanwhile, Mac is very sad, and he starts to cry, but Henry Orbit tries to console him by having him tell him about it.

The family is excited about dinner, they are eating a green, amorphous dish called "Venusian vegetable delight", but the Venusian delight is dirty. They say, "Yuck!" and are very upset. Even Astro is upset too. Judy and Elroy have an idea, they tell George about Henry Orbit, who they think might have the solution to Rosey's strange behavior. George meets Henry in the garage and tells him about Rosie. Henry finds Rosey's owner manual disc and puts it in to listen to the disc. Henry asks George if he can keep Rosey until nighttime. At night, Rosey meets George again, while he's checking her odometer, since he can't ask Rosie her mileage as "it's not polite to ask a lady her age". She gives him Venusian delight again and George says, "Yuck!", and goes to bed, drinking water with pills.

The next morning, George and Jane go to the Robot City shop to meet the salesman. He and she want to buy a microchip master cylinder. Rosey tells Cosmo G. Spacely all about George while Spacely is having lunch and waiting for a long time. Rosey races away and hits Cosmo's foot. She is walked out of Spacely Space Sprockets. Meanwhile, the salesman wants to sell Mechano Maid 2000 to George and Jane, they want to meet her. When Rosey comes back to the Robot City, she is terrified. George and Jane, the salesman and Mechano Maid 2000 are very busy. Rosey is very worried and sadly goes back to their home before running away.

Inside the Jetsons' home, Rosey is very sad, then she puts a picture frame in her circuit. Astro is still sad about saying goodbye and he begins to cry. Rosey wipes Astro with a tissue. She decides to write a paper for him and he reads goodbye. Astro cries, "Ran't read!" Orbitty starts to cry too, then, Rosey runs sadly away. Inside Spacely Space Sprockets, Cosmo yells, "Jetson! You're two hours late!" and George tells him about the trouble he had and about Rosey running over Cosmo's feet. Jane Jetson calls to George about Rosey quitting, and he races away as fast as he can, but Cosmo is still cross and yells, "But Jetson, you just got here!"


  • Stock footage from "Elroy Meets Orbitty" is used.
  • This is the first title card to spell the Jetsons' robot maid's name as "Rosie," when it had been spelled as "Rosey."
  • The Galaxy Strip, which apparently has robot singles bars, is a parody of the Sunset Strip.
  • Judy gets her driving licence in this episode.
  • This episode was adapted into a picture book in May 1995.
  • Robot City Salesman sounds like Leslie Crowther.
  • Orbitty sounds like Percy and James from Thomas and Friends Season 8-11.


  • Instead of going back to U-Rent a Maid where Rosie was bought in "Rosey the Robot", George goes to Robot City, which may just be the fact it deals with robots in general, opposed to outright ignoring the former.
  • George says "The Lubra Coffee Shop", but it's spelled "The Libra Coffee Shop" on the building.
  • When Rosie offers to drive, Judy's collar is white and her top looks a little short, too.
  • The driving instructor seems to be Mr. Tweeter from "Jane's Driving Lesson", but he has brown hair, instead of orange.



  • Earth
    • Orbit City
      • Skypad Apartments
        • Jetson home
      • Robot City
      • Spacely Space Sprockets
      • Robot Employment Co. (only appearance)
      • Android Agency (only appearance)
      • Nebula Hotel (only appearance)
      • Milkyway Hotel (only appearance)
      • Galaxie Hotel (only appearance)
      • Starlite Motel (only appearance)
      • Comet Cafe (only appearance)
      • The Libra Coffee Shop (only appearance)
      • Beta Bingo Parlor (only time mentioned)
      • Galaxy Strip (only time mentioned)
      • Cosmic Car Wash (only appearance)
      • Galaxy Scrapyard (only appearance)
  • Mars (mentioned only)



  • Flying cars


  • Rosie: I may be made of metal, but I don't have sawdust for brains.
  • Rosie: They didn't even give me a month's notice! If I put my circuits in overdrive maybe I can be out of here before they fire me! I guess this is goodbye!
    Astro: Roodbye? Row come? Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
    Rosie: Don't overflow your tear circuits, Astro. This note will explan.
    Astro: Ran't read!
    Orbitty: (crying) Boo hoo hoo!
    Rosie: Maybe, we'll meet again sometime!
  • Cosmo: Jetson! You're two hours late!
    George: I can explain everything, Mr. Spacely. You see, I been having some trouble with my maid.
    Cosmo: So am I, Jetson! She ran over my foot!
    George: Sorry, sir, but she won't do it again. My wife's on her way home with Rosie's new part.
    Jane: George, come home quick! Rosie's quit!
    George: Quit? But why?
    Jane: She said she didn't want us to fire her.
    George: I'm on my way!
    Cosmo: But, Jetson, you just got here!
  • Judy: It's not the same thing, Mum! Rosie is special!
    Astro: Res, srecial.
    Orbitty: Yeah! Very special!
    Jane: She certainly is! We'll just have to keep looking until they find her!
    George: I hope she changes her mind and comes back!
  • Robot City Salesman: Well, well, Mr. Jetson! How's your old robot getting along?
    George: She's not. Rolled out on us weeks ago. Nothing's been the same since.
    Robot City Salesman: Gee, that's too bad! But you're in luck! Have I got a deal for you!
  • Elroy: Astro, Have you seen Orbitty? Since Rosie's been gone, I can't find anything in my room!
    Orbitty: Hi, Elroy!
    Jane: Elroy! Help! I must have overloaded the thermal-wave washing machine!
    Elroy: Dad, what in the galaxy is that?
    Mechano Maid 2000: Mechano Maid 2000 at your service.
    Jane: George, How could you! We can never replace Rosie!
    Robot City Salesman: It looks as if you could use some help!
    Mechano Maid 2000: Affirmative! I'll reprogram the washer's solar cycle immediately!
    Robot City Salesman: Not bad, huh? Try her out for seven days! Absolutely free! You'll wonder how you ever did without her!
    Judy: I wonder if we'll ever see Rosie again!
  • Announcer: Two outs, bases loaded bottom of the ninth inning! And Johnny Omega is jetting up to the plate!
    George: Ooba-dooba! Go, Johnny, go!
    Elroy: Go, Johnny, go!
    Astro: Reah, rit rone rout rof rhe rallpark!
  • Elroy: Any sign of her, Orbitty?
    Orbitty: Not yet! Hey, There she is! Rosie! Wait!
    Judy: Oh no! We're too late!
    Orbitty: Hang on, Rosie! We'll get you out!
    Astro: Rang ron, Rosie!
    Mac, George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and Astro: (grunting)
    Orbitty: Hurry! Hurry! I can't hold a much longer!



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