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Rosey[1] (later spelled Rosie[2]) is a character in The Jetsons. Voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, she first appeared in the premiere episode, "Rosey the Robot".

About Rosey

She is a robot and the maid and housekeeper of the Jetson family. She is a model XB-500, an older model, but the only one U-Rent A Maid had that Jane could afford.

Rosey is hard-working. She is good friends with Jane and takes the role as a surrogate aunt towards Elroy and Judy.

She is a mostly blue robot made of mostly metal. She rolls around on wheels. When she moves around, there are usually metallic grinding and clicking sounds. Her arms are claw-like and can extend to easily play sports. Her lips resembles small doors and her eyes resemble dials. Mostly pointed upwards, they can move slightly to show different emotions, such as pointed towards each other to mean sad, or pointed outward and horizontally to show anger. Occasionally, her eyes can light up. Her head is mostly cylindrical. Also, she wears a maid's hat as well as apron and dress. She has antennae on the sides of her head.

She says she is wired for tape analysis which means she is compatible to read magnetic tape that computers used. She can clean the house by herself, use conventional cleaning materials such as feather duster, and operate the other household appliances. When at home by herself, she functions as a security system and house sitter.


  • Beginning with Season Two the spelling of "Rosey"'s name inexplicably changes to "Rosie". In the comics, the spelling did not change until 1995.
  • She has a Brooklyn accent.
  • She seldom calls George and Jane by their first names, preferring to call them "Mr. and Mrs. Jetson", or "Mr. and Mrs. J."
  • Sometimes, her antennae will flash and she will make a beeping sound.
  • When riding in a car with The Jetsons, they were once pulled over because Rosey's blinking lights were mistaken for a turn signal.