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Rosey[1] (later spelled Rosie[2]) is a character in The Jetsons. Voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, she first appeared on the premiere episode, "Rosey the Robot".

About Rosey

She is a robot and the maid and housekeeper of the Jetson family. She is a model XB-500, an older model, but the only one U-Rent A Maid had that Jane could afford.


  • Beginning with Season Two the spelling of "Rosey"'s name inexplicably changes to "Rosie." In the comics, the spelling did not change until 1995.
  • An unconfirmed rumor exists that her middle name is Uniqua and she shares the surname Jetson.
  • She has a Brooklyn accent.
  • She seldom calls George and Jane by their first names, preferring to call them "Mr. and Mrs. Jetson", or "Mr. and Mrs. J."
  • Sometimes, her antennae will flash and she will make a beeping sound.



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