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RUDI is a character in The Jetsons. He was voiced by Don Messick.

About RUDI

He is an atomic supercomputer at Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. His full name is Referential Universal Digital Indexer. George Jetson's main job as "Digital Index Operator" is to maintain RUDI. In the debut episode, RUDI's mainframe is shown, but he is not self-aware. By the 1980s episodes, RUDI was given a monitor with green face near George's station. He has a shivering voice with a nervous, overworked (overclocked) personality. He is an outdated technology, and was pushed to critical by Spacely. After Spacely punished and transferred Jetson, RUDI demanded that Jetson be returned or that RUDI will melt and take the Sprocket Factory with him. Elroy Jetson began a series of patch updates for RUDI to function again.

RUDI also has his own list of demands that are separate from Jetson and Spacely. In "One Strike, You're Out", Jetson was caught in the middle of a demanding boss, overworked employees, and RUDI himself because he said he will automatically halt all production the moment that Jetson hires more human workers.


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