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Private Property is the twenty-first episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


Mr. Spacely and George Jetson at Spacely Sprockets watches the construction building being instantly built next door to him, but when the sign Cogswell Cogs is put up, Spacely is shocked and upset and decides to talk and argue with Mr. Cogswell about the building being too close to his building which Mr. Cogswell kicks Spacely out of his office. Mr. Spacely tells George to go home and read the blueprints of Mr. Cogswell's property and takes the tickets to My Space Lady from George. George comes home and tells his wife the truth that he and Jane can't go to the play which made Jane upset. After George studies the blueprint and finds that it's 6 inches over Spacely's property, George drives over to Spacely's home in the middle of the night and tells Spacely the good news. The next day Spacely tells Cogswell that he's 6 inches over his property and tells him to move it and makes George vice president. Cogswell is upset but his worker Harlan finds out that Spacely is actually 6 inches on his property and tells Spacely to move it. Mr. Spacely fires George from his job. However George manages to gain his original job with the help of a contract after learning that Cogswell's building (forcedly acquired by Spacely) is built too high and needs to be torn down.


  • The My Space Lady play is a parody of My Fair Lady.
  • In home media, this episode is retitled "No Space for Sprockets".