Miss Solar System is the twentieth episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


Jane buys a new dress, but when she shows it to George, he barely notices because he's interested in Gina Lollajupiter and the Miss Solar System beauty contest. He also tells her that she's almost good enough to compete much to her chagrin. Jane feels unappreciated and decides to compete herself without George knowing. However, Spacely Sprockets will be sponsoring the contest, and George will be Mr. Spacely's assistant as he (Mr. Spacely) is the judge. However, his wife takes him away, and Geroge takes his place as the mystery judge. Jane (as Miss Western Hemisphere) steals the show with her amazing singing talent. However, just as George is about to crown her, he asks her to remove her mask. As a result, George is shocked to see that Miss Western Hemisphere is his own wife, and Jane is shocked to see that the mystery judge is her own husband. Afterwards, Jane is disqualified and Miss Mars is given the title of Miss Solar System instead, (which was unfair).



  • George references Yogi Bear's quote "You're smarter than the average boss".