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Jetson's Nite Out is the third episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


George's boss, Mr. Spacely, invites George to a robot football game. Problems arise when Jane wants George to attend Elroy's parent teacher conference, while Mrs. Spacely wants Mr. Spacely to go to a concert. George and Mr. Spacely both decide to lie to their wives so they can sneak over to a robot football stadium game.


  • Jane Jetson
  • Elroy Jetson
  • George Jetson
  • Judy Jetson
  • Henry Orbit
  • Mr. Spacely
  • Robot Secretary (only appearance)
  • Mrs. Spacely (visaphone)
  • Phil Sputnik (only time mentioned)
  • All-Galaxy Philharmonic (mentioned)
  • Announcer (only appearance)
  • Coach O'Brien (only appearance)
  • Coach Lasky (only appearance)
  • Pluchek (only appearance)
  • O'Mara (only appearance)
  • Hiccupski (only appearance)
  • O'Hara (only appearance)
  • Swatchahowiz (only appearance)
  • Gibralski (only appearance)
  • Crazy Legs Cosmos (only appearance)
  • Bronco Titanium (only appearance)
  • Brimlovich (only appearance)
  • Desovich (only appearance)
  • Drombrowski (only appearance)
  • Red Rocket (only appearance)
  • Ringers (only appearance)
  • Marauders (only appearance)