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Future Tense is the thirty-second episode of Season Two of The Jetsons, and the 56th overall episode of the series.


Jane Jetson with Judy Jetson at Bevdeo, a high-class shopping center, buy an assortment of gadgets. Jane buys glasses, which the salesman assured had secret abilities. Jane's glasses can see the immediate future.

George decides he and Jane will use the glasses at the Alien Horse Racing track. Jane predicts the winners, George bets. Two men in dark glasses seem to be watching them. More races and even more winnings later, Jane still can't take her eyes off the two men watching them. Figuring them for gangsters, they make a break for it, smashing Jane's glasses in the process. They arrive home, making plans for their money, when suddenly the two men fly in, revealing themselves to be from the IRS. They collect taxes on the winnings and take all but $2.

Jane returns to Bevdeo and comes back with a pair of special frames for everybody. Maybe they can all see the immediate future now. Well, Elroy's can only see Bevdeo. George's see the immediate past. Judy's has x-ray vision, and Jane's new pair sees the distant future. Jane laughs seeing George, Elroy and Judy being old.