Elroy's TV Show is the ninth episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


At Asteroid TV productions, the TV director, Mr. Transistor, has a lunch meeting with his TV crew, and complains to them that he's tired of the same old educational shows including the cowboy and doctor shows, so he searches for an actor to be on his show. Mr. Transistor goes to the floating park and meets Elroy and Astro, and invites him and his dog to the show, which Elroy accepts, but Astro doesn't like the TV director. Mr. Transistor talks with his mom, Jane, about the show, who then tells George on the video phone Elroys going to be a child actor on a TV show called Space Boy Zoom and his Dog Astro. George gets excited about the news and tells Spacely he will quit his job to support his son Elroy.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Spacely tells Cosmo to get their son Arthur on the show, which Spacely accepts. Judy asks Elroy if she can be in his show, but Elroy says no, which makes her annoyed and jealous.

George acts as the villain in the TV show, but finds it to be a rough acting job to be in.