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Dude Planet is the twenty-second episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


Jane complains to George about her stressful life at home pushing buttons all the time as George is taking Jane in his flying car to the doctor for a checkup. After the doctor exams Jane and she tells him the story of malfunctions with the push button machines with the bed going haywire and having to call Henry Orbit to fix the problem and the breakfast toast shooting out everywhere from the Food-o-matic. He tells Jane to take a space vacation away from those everyday push buttons. Jane goes to the travel agent for the best vacation spot on Dude Planet at the Beta Bar Ranch with robot horse rides. Jane invites her friend Helen to go with her to Planet Beta 3 for a cowboy themed park vacation and tells George to stay at home with Judy and Elroy and watch over the house. Jane and Helen have fun watching robot cowboy rodeos and riding on robot horses. Meanwhile at the skypad apartment George tries to have the automated vacuum cleaner clean up the house but instead vacuums up the cat, George tries to get the Food-o-matic working but gets trapped inside and tells Elroy to get Henry Orbit to get him out which he does but gets George burned a little in the process, Henry Orbit tells George his vacuum cleaner is broken. Jane is worried about her husband at home and calls him on the video phone. George tells Jane he's having a party, which he pretends to have. Then Jane decides she has had enough with her space vacation and decides to go home because she thinks George is dancing with other woman.


  • Jane Jetson
  • George Jetson
  • Dude Planet (only appearance)
  • Dr. McGravity (only appearance)
  • Elroy Jetson
  • Judy Jetson
  • Henry Orbit
  • Cab Driver (only appearance)
  • Travel Agent (only appearance)
  • Helen (only appearance)
  • Harry (only time mentioned)
  • Beta Three Express Driver (only appearance)
  • Jetsons' Cat (only appearance)
  • Ranch Manager (only appearance)
  • Bald Al Furr (only appearance)
  • The Singing Vagabond Cowboy (only appearance)
  • Phone Operator (only appearance)
  • Driver 3 (only appearance)
  • Slinky Blonde (only appearance; fantasy)





  • Produced and Directed by: Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera
  • Written by: Walter Black
  • Story Direction: Paul Sommer
  • Associate Producer: Alex Lovy
  • Story Supervision: Arthur Pierson
  • Musical Direction: Hoyt S. Curtin
  • Animation: Bill Keil, George Goepper, George Nicholas
  • Animation Direction: Charles A. Nichols
  • Layout: Dick Bickenbach, Al Wilson, Tony Sgroi, Jack Huber, Alex Ignateiv
  • Animation Supervision: Irv Spence
  • Background: Richard H. Thomas, Neenah Maxwell, Bob Abrams
  • Production Supervision: Howard Hanson
  • Camera: Charles Flekal, Frank Paiker, Wayne Smith, Vic Shank
  • Film Editing: Greg Watson, Warner Leighton
  • Color: Technicolor