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Bubbles Blastoff is a one-off character in The Jetsons.

About Bubbles

Bubbles is a famous actress, who is very popular, and who Mr. Spacely finds attractive.

In "To Tell the Truth", she visited Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc., which caused George Jetson to come up with the idea of having her hand a certificate to the most safety-conscious employee.

When Jane video-called George, asking him for a night out, he introduced her to Bubbles, but Bubbles inadvertently annoyed Jane by getting her name wrong, calling her "Mrs. Johnson".

He toured her around the factory, and when the tour was over, he drove her past the repairman who mended Jane Jetson's milk pitcher for him on his way to drop her off at a transport spaceship. Because of this, when George accidentally boarded said spaceship and got a ride home with a ringmaster, the repairman didn't believe George and mistakenly thought he had cheated on Jane with Bubbles.