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Back to the Present is the sixth episode of the second season of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. It first aired 16 May 2004 on Adult Swim.


In the far off year of 2002, the Jetsons live in their luxurious, futuristic house high above the Earth's surface. Their lives are suddenly turned upside down when the water level begins rising at an alarming rate. Global warming caused the ice caps to melt, and the Earth to become nothing but water. Suddenly, mutants begin breaking into the house, which is unable to get high enough to be out of the water's reach.

Fortunately, they manage to make it to the distant past (2004), specifically to Harvey's office. Much to their dismay, they realize they have to walk to Harvey's desk from the entrance as there are no moving conveyor belts on the floor. The long journey takes them all night and they lose Astro to exhaustion (though he recovers) and Judy to a pack of dogs.

They tell Harvey that they want to sue everyone for screwing up the earth for them. The case goes to court, but George has a problem with the jury. X sets up the Jury Vac, a robotic jury that has the Apple startup sound when plugged in, and the trial is underway. Mentok clashes with boy genius Elroy, who has a device from the future that tells him past events before Mentok does them. Freezoid uses his powers of cold on the warm August day to show how global warming is preposterous. In the end, Jury Vac gives the verdict... on the O.J. Simpson trial.

Somehow, the Jetsons lose the case, and return to their own time using the DeLorean from the Back to the Future films, as rising water levels surround Harvey and the gang. Everyone has a hearty laugh.



  • Judy has no lines in the episode and does not reappear after being hauled away by wild dogs; no voice actress could be secured in time for production.
  • Mr. Spacely and Henry Orbit appear as mutants.