A Visit from Grandpa is the eleventh episode of Season One of The Jetsons.


When Grandpa Montague Jetson decides to visit his family he flies through the sky with his jetpack and is pulled over by a police officer. Grandpa tells him he's on his way to visit the family, so the policeman let's him go with a warning. Along the way Grandpa Jetson helps a woman fix her broken down flying car which she is grateful for. When Grandpa arrives at the Skypad apartment where the Jetsons live. He wears out his family with his hyperactive actives including the hoverboard sky skiing. Judy Jetson thinks that Grandpa Jetson is going out on a date with a work and misunderstands Grandpa. Later on Grandpa meets a woman with her baby and she tells him to babysit her baby, later on the mix up happens when the woman with her baby thinks that her baby is kidnapped and calls the police and Grandpa must tell his family and the police the truth.