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'Lectronimo (13)

'Lectronimo is a character in The Jetsons.

About Lectronimo[]

'Lectronimo is called the dog of tomorrow. A new dog guarantee goes with him and you will save money, too. 'Lectronimo is a no-feed, no-fuss, nuclear-powered, trouble-free, electronic, apartment-approved dog. He can fetch and he really sinks his teeth into his work. The bravery department is his biggest selling point. He can handle a burglar. 'Lectronimo hates burglar masks, which causes him to ruthlessly chase a person wearing that mask. George Jetson buys his at the pet shop as a better option than Astro. While he succeeds Astro in a series of challenges, the following night a cat burglar knows about ‘Lectronimo’s traits and puts his burglar mask on George making the robot chase him instead of the real burglar. After Astro catches the real burglar, ‘Lectronimo is donated to the police and the Jetsons keep Astro.


As a robot dog, 'Lectronimo does whatever commands he's ordered to do in the quickest amount of time. He has an extendable neck that can reach far places and is very brave at catching burglars. However his hatred for burglar masks is also his greatest weakness as burglars can simply put their masks on other people to fool the robot and make him chase the wrong target instead.


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